About The Demo

This page represents an example of a web site for a pet care provider using iPetTime. If you are a pet owner, you can use the Schedule through iPetTime link on the left see how simple it is to schedule pet services. If you are a pet care service provider, this page shows an example of how you might incorporate an online scheduling link into your own web site.

To complete a scheduling request, a pet owner will be required to provide their name, phone number and e-mail address along with the desired service and time. Pet service providers may customize additional scheduling information such as breed, weight and address.

With iPetTime, pet care providers always have full control over the scheduling confirmation process. Normally, pet care providers will respond with a confirmation within 24 hours of a request submission. Requests made to the demo provider will be considered tests and will not be confirmed.

About the link

Each pet care provider using iPetTime is given a unique scheduling page that displays information about their business. Providers can update the displayed information at any time. The link to the demo provider's scheduling page is:


The Schedule through iPetTime link on the left was created using the following HTML snippet

<a target='_blank' href=
Schedule through iPetTime</a>

Notice that the link uses https to ensure that pet owner's privacy is protected whenever they are using iPetTime