How do I customize emails sent to pet owners when they schedule?


E-mail templates allow you to modify the contents of e-mails that are sent to pet owners in regards to services scheduled with your business. You can find and edit the templates under the Scheduling Setup tab.

The tokens are special keywords that appear within curly braces in e-mail templates. The tokens are replaced with values relating to a specific scheduling. For example, the token "{Pet.Name}" will be replaced by "Rocky" when scheduling a service for a dog named Rocky.

As a pet service provider, you can use the following tokens when editing an e-mail template.

  • {Start.Time} - The start time selected by the pet owner
  • {Start.Date} - The start date selected by the pet owner.
  • {End.Time} - The end time
  • {End.Date} - The end date
  • {Pet.Name} - The pet's name
  • {PetOwner.Name} - The pet owner's name
  • {PetOwner.Phone} - The pet owner's phone number
  • {PetOwner.Email} - The pet owner's e-mail address
  • {Provider.Name} - Your business name
  • {Provider.AddressLine} - Your street address
  • {Provider.City} - Your city
  • {Provider.State} - Your state
  • {Provider.PostalCode} - Your ZIP code
  • {Provider.ContactEmail} - Your e-mail address as entered under optional information on the Business Information tab.
  • {Scheduled.Message} - A once sentance summary of the scheduling. For example: "Rocky is scheduled for boarding on 6/1/2011 at 2:00 PM until 6/5/2011 at 2:00 PM".
  • {ServiceType.Name} - Proper case service name: Boarding, Doggy Day-Care, etc.
  • {ServiceType.Name.LowerCase} - Lower case service name: boarding, doggy day-care, etc.
  • {Custom} - A list of all your custom fields, including both the prompts and the value entered by the pet owner. If the field was not required and the pet owner did not enter a value, the field will not be included in the list. For more information on custom fields, see How do I work with custom fields?