How do I work with custom fields?


Custom Fields

When a pet owner schedules a service, iPetTime always prompts for the following items:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Pet name

You can define up to 16 additional fields to prompt for. The custom Fields can be found under the Scheduling Setup tab. By default, the following four custom fields are defined for you p>

  • Pet type
  • Breed
  • Pet birthday (approximate)
  • Pet weight (in pounds)

Fields can be define as required or optional. They can be defined with the following types:

  • Text (1-line)
  • Text (multi-line)
  • Number (without decimal)
  • Number (with decimal)
  • Date
  • Yes/No
  • List

The list type allows you to define a list of options that the pet owner can select from. The pet type field is an example of a list type.

How a field prompts appears will vary depending on if the pet owner is scheudling from a mobile device or a desktop browser. For example, a list appears as a drop down menu on desktop browser while it appears a spin wheel in the iPetTime iPhone app.

For a walk through on how to create a custom field see, How can I get the pet owner's home address?