How can I get the pet owner's home address?


Custom fields

You can define a custom field to prompt the user for an address.

To create a custome address prompt:

  1. Logging into the for service providers application
  2. Select the Scheduling Setup tab.
  3. Select the Fields sub-tab.
  4. Click on the + button to add a new blank field to the end of the field list.
  5. Click on the blank cell in the prompt column for the new field and enter the prompt as: Home Address.
  6. Change the Type from Text (1-line) to Text (multi-line).
  7. If you are a pet-sitter and always need a home address, check Required
  8. Click Save to save the new field prompt.

Your done. Now when a pet owner schedules a service with you through iPetTime, they will be prompted to provide a home address.

For more information on custom fields, see the help topic: How do I work with custom fields?