How can pet owners schedule from an iPhone app?


Scheduling pet care on an iPhone

Let pet owners know they can schedule using an iPhone app by posting the following to your web site or facebook page.

Note this example is for Hampton's Den of New Castle, PA, please modify the services, zip code and business name to match your business.

You can now schedule appointments with us on an iPhone. Here's how:

  • Download iPetTime from the App Store
  • In the app, select what type of pet care you want to schedule: Boarding or Grooming.
  • On the where tab, enter our zip code: 16101
  • On the when tab, select when you want to schedule.
  • From the fetch tab, select Hampton's Den
  • Tap the Schedule button to enter you scheduling information. This information will be saved on your phone to make future pet care appointments a snap to enter.